Who We Are

        The goal of this organization is to help every child to become confident and educated on how to properly maintain and improve one’s health, talents, skills and overall appearance.

         Through fashion, fitness, nutritional, environmental and community events and activities Yadestiny Treasure Chest will help to develop young leaders of tomorrow. Yadestiny Treasure Chest hopes to become an international source of relief in providing recycled and repaired quality children clothing, free of charge.

Meet the Board

Yadestiny Treasure Chest is made up of a fantastic team of members, dedicated to making the vision of YTC come true for so many children, and this is why:

Karyne Tinord, President and Founder


“After Michael Jackson’s death I decided I wanted to do something in his honor, but I did not quite know as yet what it was, except that it would be to service children. Then there was the devastating earthquake in Haiti which left so many children with little to nothing, that’s when it hit me by God’s grace. The idea to collect children’s clothing for under privileged children and give them for free was what I would do. I found that so many non-profits were not accepting noticeably worn clothing, some were throwing away torn items and some were selling donated items. Yadestiny Treasure Chest is the best idea for aiding needy children because we make it our goal to make all items usable by repairing them as new. “For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also”-St. Matthew 6:21.”

Diana Pierre, Director of Finance / Treasurer


“The reason I wanted to be apart of YTC was because the idea of helping and providing for others touched me immediately. I know there are many non- profit organizations out there but I was drawn to the idea of repairing and making something new for children. They are innocent and they are not asked to be brought into a world where they may not have the chance to get all the necessities that others take for granted. If I, by my participation can put a smile on one child’s face it will all be worth it.”

Marie Tinord, Vice President


“I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world when I discovered that there were more poor than rich roaming the streets of New York. Being around poverty has definitely influenced me to give back and giving back means to help those in need. YADESTINY TREASURE CHEST has given me the opportunity to help children in need so that’s what I’ll do. Providing clothes for children in need will have a great impact on their lives because it allows them to be who they are without other children in school teasing them. This allows them to be comfortable and comfort creates a much brighter future.”

Kristelle Jean-Pierre, Secretary


"The first time I heard about how YTC help children it touched my heart, I thought how amazing it is to have a program for children that helps them by providing clothes to build their confidence. I know how important it is to not only look good but feel good inside,for I struggled with this too when I was a child. Working with YTC helps grant me the opportunity to give back to children and make a difference. "



  • Address: P.O. Box 50385 Brooklyn,
    NY 11205
  • Email: info@yadestinytreasurechest.org
  • Website: www.yadestinytreasurechest.org
  • Phone: 347-696-1982
    Wednesday-Friday, 9-4pm