F3 is managed by certified nutritionists, counselors, fashion and image consulting experts, professional cooks, and personal trainers who educate children and parents on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper appearance in order to look and feel your best.


The program allows children to participate in health, beauty, and fashion focused events including nutritional cooking classes, walkathons, sewing/knitting workshops, fashion shows, fitness games such as Wii Fit and more.


Nutritionists and professional cooks will teach children how to substitute sugary, fatty ingredients with healthier alternatives in order to reduce chances of diabetes, obesity, and other diseases. Through walkathons and fitness sessions, children can build confidence while having fun and learning how to maintain an active lifestyle and healthy weight. The sewing/knitting workshops, fashion shows, and image classes will allow children to creatively explore their personal style and learn how to dress appropriately for professional and social occasions.

Requirements for children to join and stay active in the Fit for Fashion program are to live within the boroughs New York, maintain good conduct in classes, obtain a C+ or better in grades and to do a minimum of 4 community service hours per month.


  • Address: P.O. Box 50385 Brooklyn,
    NY 11205
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Phone: 347-696-1982
    Wednesday-Friday, 9-4pm