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YTC Partners with New York’s infamous Fashion Institute of Technology’s Gospel Choir for Black History Month Crowns inspired Fashion Show

Brooklyn based 501c(3) nonprofit, Yadestiny Treasure Chest (YTC) will provide child models for a Millinery fashion show with Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)’’s Gospel Choir.

(New York – February 20, 2012) The streets of New York City are often filled with models, fashion designers and fabulous garments – especially during New York Fashion Week. For the first time ever Yadestiny Treasure Chest (YTC) will be joining in the festivities while paying homage to Black History Month.

Brooklyn based 501c(3) nonprofit, YTC, announced today via its website a new collaboration with the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)’s Gospel Choir to host our YTC kids in its Millinery fashion show in honor of Black History Month. The show will feature designs inspired by various aspects of Black culture, including the popularity of Black women’s Sunday church hat tradition. Hair Design Institute has also signed on to provide student hairstylists for the models.

YTC will provide child models through its Fit for Fashion (F3) program which aims to spread awareness amongst children and parents of the relationship between fashion and a healthy lifestyle. The program emphasizes the importance of beauty inside and out by providing health and fashion based activities such as walkathons, fashion shows, healthy cooking classes, sewing, and more.

“I am very excited to partner with such prestigious institutions, FIT and Hair Design Institute on this project,” said Karyne Tinord, CEO and founder of YTC. “It’s a really big deal for us because it’s the first fashion show featuring the YTC F3 models. Participating in a show like this is something these children dream of.”

“This opportunity gives us a means to reach the people of New York and show parents and families why they should be a part of YTC.”

The show takes place on Friday, February 22 at the FIT campus from 7:30pm to 9pm.

About YTC

Yadestiny Treasure Chest (YTC) is a 501c(3) not for profit organization whose mission is to provide apparel and footwear to children ages 0 to 13. Not only does YTC provide new and used clothing, but it also refurbishes damaged clothing to make it new again for children in need. Thus, the items donated are not hand-me-downs, rather they are turnarounds.

From its Fit for Fashion (F3) program which spreads awareness of the relationship between health and appearance, to YTC Entertainment which promotes positive youth artist development, YTC also works to help build confidence and self-esteem in children everywhere through fun and educational activities.

The organization was founded in 2010 by Karyne Tinord, a Haitian-American native of Brooklyn, New York. Inspired by the global relief efforts following the Haiti earthquake, Tinord established YTC to embark on the journey of providing clothing and key resources to families and children around the world.


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